So…What’s a Proc in Ruby?

make_sandwich = {|filling| "bread, " + filling + " cheese" + " bread"}
=> “bread tofu cheese bread”
def list_lunch_menu(proc)
puts "the first item is salad"
puts "the second item is a sandwich with #{"tofu")}"
puts "the third item is soup"
make_sandwich = {|filling| "bread, " + filling + "," " cheese and " + "bread"}list_lunch_menu(make_sandwich)
#=> the first item is salad
#=> the second item is a sandwich with bread, tofu, cheese and bread
#=> the third item is soup
def cake_recipe_volume_converter(ml_of_flour) {|ml_of_sugar| (ml_of_sugar + ml_of_flour)/237}
p cake_recipe_volume_converter(237)
def cake_recipe_volume_converter(ml_of_flour) {|ml_of_sugar| (ml_of_sugar + ml_of_flour)/237}
recipe_volume_1 = cake_recipe_volume_converter(237.0) #establishes variable including our method argumentp #calls the Proc and supplies the block variable#=> 3.5274261603375527 # this is the total volume
def cake_recipe_volume_converter(ml_of_flour) {|ml_of_sugar| (ml_of_sugar + ml_of_flour)/237}
recipe_volume_2 = cake_recipe_volume_converter(433.0)
#=> 6.890295358649789




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Evan Burton

Evan Burton

Media Maker and Digital Creator

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